Why the YES Programme Is the Best Skills Development Plan

May 07 ,2019

With unemployment figures high and the youth of South Africa stuck with few prospects for finding jobs without experience, it has become essential to seek a workable skills development solution. Unemployment brings with it economic hardship and desperate situations, which provide breeding grounds for criminal activities.

With the YES programme, skills development in the country gets a well-deserved boost. At the same time, employment is created and the economic contribution base is enlarged. This also translates into more spending power and a lower motive for the crime. The initiative, therefore, addresses many issues.

For understandable reasons, companies do not want to employ untrained and inexperienced workers. However, without training and experience, the youth can hardly improve on their employability. From here came the inspiration for the YES programme. It is a government skills development and employment initiative that makes it possible for youth from targeted groups to enter the employment market, improve on their skills, gain experience, and get job references.

How It Works

Companies that participate in the programme benefit from improvements on their BEE scorecards. They also benefit from tax incentives and grants to invest in skills development of youth. The companies agree to employ and train youth employees in 1-year employment programmes.

The youth gain work experience and skills improvement. They receive job references at the end of the period and can put their experience on their CVs. They receive the same remuneration and benefits as permanent employees for the period. However, they are in a fixed contract and once the time is over, they cannot make claims against the employer and cannot demand to be employed under the same circumstances. However, the employer can offer them permanent jobs.

The YES programme was gazetted as Notice 502 in Gazette 41866. Employment opportunities are created with this 1-year skills development and employment initiative and companies can sponsor the remuneration of 1-year placements in small to medium enterprises. The participating youth are also encouraged to start and manage their own businesses. As businesses grow, more employment opportunities are created. With this employment and skills development initiative, the youth can gain corporate work experience and they receive quality training.

With the work experience, skills development, and job references, the chances of employment increase almost threefold. It is thus a formal platform for investment and contribution towards employment creation and economic transformation. Of course, companies also benefit from attractive incentives in doing their part in addressing skills shortages in the country.

App to Match Companies with BEE Service Providers

The BEE-Connex app makes it possible for companies to find suitable BEE service providers regarding skills development and consultation, thus enabling them to develop the best possible strategies to maximise their BEE scores regarding participation in the skills development and employment creation plan.

Targets have been set for the YES programme and companies can thus benefit from gaining access to service providers that can help them reach such targets.

The BEE-Connex app is available for download from the Android or iOS stores. Register today to gain this free management tool to help you manage your BEE compliance.