What You Can Do with a BEE Calculator

May 14 ,2019

Of course, the best and easiest way to know your current BEE score is to use our BEE calculator, which is part of the free BEE management tool available from our website. Download the app, register your company, and you are set to go. The BEE calculator enables you to get a basic idea of where your company needs to make improvements in order to achieve a good score.

You can also use our free BEE management tool, which includes the calculator, to connect with approved service providers and leading BEE experts in South Africa. It has never been easier to keep track of meetings, schedules, and scores than now with our free app. To help you get started with understanding your score and how a calculator can help, let’s look at the basics of the BEE scorecard.

There are five important elements on the scorecard. In order to achieve a good score, you need to understand how your contribution to each of the elements affects your score. Fortunately, you can quickly check your current score using the BEE calculator. Improving the scores is where expert guidance comes in handy, which is where our free management tool makes it easy to gain access to the best advice possible.



This element measures the percentage of shares in your business that is black owned.


Management Control

This element measures the percentage of black people in your company that are directors, part of the top management, or in decision-making positions.


Skills Development

What is your company’s contribution to training and the improvement of skills regarding black employees, candidate employees, and the unemployed black youth in South Africa? Skills development contributions, the procurement of candidates for learnership programmes, and initiatives such as the one-year learnership programmes should form part of your skills development initiative. Use the BEE calculator to determine how well you are doing on the skills development front.


Enterprise & Supplier Development

What do you spend on aiding black-owned enterprises in South Africa? This is relevant whether the enterprises are suppliers or non-suppliers.


Socio-Economic Development

Use the BEE calculator to determine your score as related to your contributions to approved charitable organisations in South Africa.

You can use the BEE calculator to determine a score based on your performance in the above five elements. It is then converted to a BEE level of contribution. As such, your company gets the status of a Level 3, 4, etc. contributor with 1 being the best in terms of BEE compliance.


Understand the Business Entity Categories

Three types of companies can be identified according to the BEE codes. The first is the Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME). If your company has an annual income of below R10 million, it falls within this category and you automatically get a score of 65 points. As such, you don’t need to use the BEE calculator. Your contribution status is set at Level 4. However, if your firm is majority black owned, it gets a Level 2 contribution status and if it is 100% black-owned, it gets a Level 1 status.

The next category is that of Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE). Your company falls in this category if it has an annual turnover that falls between R10 million and R50 million. You are required to complete the scorecard according to requirements for QSE. To this end, use the calculator to determine your current status.

Generic is the final category and it is relevant to your company if it has an annual turnover of more than R50 million.


Get Access to a BEE Calculator and Experts

Based on your company’s turnover, you can now calculate your current BEE status. However, if it is still confusing, do not panic. Expert guidance is just one app away and registration is free.

If your company falls within the QSE category, the Ownership element counts for 24 points, Management Control has a weighting of 15, Skills Development is at 30, and Enterprise and Supplier Development adds 33 points with Socio-Economic Development counting 5 points from the total of 108 points.

Make sense regarding the above and your company’s contributor level. Register on our platform and benefit from easier BEE management, access to experts who can assist with the transformation process, preparation for the BEE verification, calculation of your company’s score, and verification.