5 Reasons to Get Your Free BEE Management Tool

May 28 ,2019



Simply download the app and register your company online. Once done, specify your needs and you are ready to go. Can it truly be that simple? The answer is a resounding yes! It has never been easier to manage your company’s BEE compliance. Here are five benefits of our free BEE management tool:

  1. Consulting at Your Fingertips

Connect with approved service providers of BEE solutions to help you attain the best possible score. The team of experts makes it their goal to understand your firm’s needs and particular situation. They use the information to help your firm with the transformation process. You also benefit from having access to various specialist services, such as training, skills development initiatives, and more.

  1. Audits and Verifications Made Easier

Get the free BEE management tool and work with top agencies to prepare for a partial or full audit. It is as straightforward as completing the documentation and working with them for the BEE verification planning. Next is the gathering of evidence that is relevant to each of the five elements of the scorecard. The final step is the verification of the evidence upon which your BEE compliance is calculated.

  1. Take the Hassle Out of Skills Development

The one element in which you can really perform well is that of Skills Development. Get your free BEE management tool for access to expert guidance and the streamlined facilitation of training options according to the requirements of the Skills Development Act. Schedule the meetings with the service providers for improvement in the skills of your workforce and candidate employees. Also benefit from initiatives such as the YES programme initiated by the government in which your company can receive tax incentives and grants related to learnership programmes, and gain access to providers of off-site simulators and various other solutions.

  1. Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) Potential

Do you want to improve your BEE score, but don’t know where to find the right suppliers? There is no need to be concerned, as the free management tool enables you to have access to the relevant suppliers. Improve your score through Preferential Procurement, Supplier and Enterprise Development, and Supplier Diversity.

  1. Socio-Economic Development (SED) Initiatives for Transformation

Measure the initiatives that contribute to SED or grab hold of the opportunity to gain the most from Sector Specific Programmes that ensure that previously disadvantaged groups gain more access to the economy. You can make monetary and non-monetary contributions. Of course, you need to keep a record of such contributions for verification purposes and here too the free BEE management tool can help.


Use our web-based platform to manage schedules, gain access to relevant service providers, and ensure that your company makes use of the opportunities available to ensure a solid BEE score.


It is a free tool and it helps you to gain access to the right service providers. We have done the hard work in developing the extensive database, thereby making the process of finding relevant suppliers as straightforward as possible. Don’t waste time. Get your free BEE management tool today.